18 | 04 | 2019
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The following is a typical sequence of events in a Catholic1 wedding ceremony or program wherein appropriate music is played:



1. Processional music for the Entourage

2. Processional music for the Bride

3. Soft background music during the exchange of vows

4. Offertory song

5. Lord's Prayer (optional)3

6. Music during Communion

7. Music during Pictorials (after the mass)

8. Recessional music




1. Grand Entrance of the Couple

2. Music during Dinner - about 45 mins. to 1 hour

3. Music for the Cake-cutting ceremony

4. Music during the releasing of doves

5. Bouquet-tossing and garter-throwing (CD music c/o Mobile System is recommended)

6. Music for the First Dance of the Couple

7. Optional - Prosperity Dance or Money Dance

8. Music after the parting words of the Couple (CD music c/o Mobile System is recommended to set a lively-party mood)


1Non-Catholic, Christian, and Civil wedding ceremonies may vary slightly, or may be entirely different from above.

2It would be advisable for couples to inform (and get approval from) their officiating priest and the church staff regarding which parts of the Mass they wanted to be sung before printing their missalette.

 3The Lord’s Prayer is better sung IF the lector will lead the congregation, or if a vocal soloist or choir is available.

 4There would be adequate breaks in between playing to enable the musicians to rest and also to have their meals.

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